Waitless Gets Diners In and Out and On With Their Lives

You get the look… then the question – “are we ever going to get out of here?” So you attempt to make eye contact with the waitress, but you’re ignored as she heads back into the kitchen. Maybe if you prop up and put the little black book on the edge of the table she’ll get the message that you’re ready to go? Fifteen minutes later you’ve paid the bill and are allowed to leave. Food – five stars, server’s attempt to get you the hell out of there – one.

I assume this happens to other people… And so did the team behind Waitless; this all too common occurrence at the end of a dining experience is exactly what led to the creation of their service.

Q: How did Waitless get started?

A: A big rugby game was being aired at a pub on Nicollet Avenue a few years ago, and there was a huge crowd at there for the game. I found it very challenging to order and also close my tab. My partners and I decided to develop a mobile application that would help customers dine-out more quickly by giving customers control of ordering and making the payment.

Q: Very cool. And how are things going? Any major successes to date?

A: In July we recorded our first revenue.

Q: An important step. If things continue as they have, where do you see the company one year from today?

A: In one year we would like to have 200+ restaurants in our network and have shown the first signs of consumer awareness in several Midwestern cities.

That’s great! As a bunch of guys who would greatly appreciate getting back 30 wasted minutes or our lives every week, the Beta team is excited to see how Waitless progresses. Join us in learning more about Waitless’ recent successes at Beta.MN 1.5; tickets now available.

Author: Reed Robins of BEta.Mn
Date: August 17, 2014

New MN startup Waitless launches a smarter restaurant app

Ever been at a restaurant before, unable to order or pay when you’re ready?

Minnesota tech entrepreneur Alec Jeffery is betting you have and that his new mobile startup, Waitless, will do just that — minimize the wait.

Introduced on Android last month, the product allows consumers to view detailed menus and actually place the order prior to arriving at a given sit down establishment.

The parked order is placed into kitchen queue upon ‘checkin’ just as though it was taken/delivered by the waitstaff, increasing efficiency for the customer and the merchant right away. This also enables the server to do more with less concern for slow timing and human error.

Lastly, the app integrates with Dwolla for payment, eliminating that back and forth when it comes to ‘the check’.

“It really hit me how slow the food and beverage industry continues to be,” Jeffery says.

“For example, I had 30 minutes to grab a bite and a beer over lunch the other day,” he continues. “…you know how the story goes. Patrons will always want to dine at restaurants and interact with their servers, but the timeline that this exchange plays out can be significantly improved with Waitless.”

In addition to the convenience angle, the app anticipates finding new methods of connecting customers with restaurants and generating unique promos based on personal preferences.

As a mechanical engineer by trade, Jeffery has partnered with co founder Leye Shobola on the development side. Waitless which has already acquired customer number one — Sawatdee in Eden Prairie — on subscription plan and they intend to announce more merchants in Minnesota and Las Vegas next year, alongside the forthcoming iOS app release.

“It would be very gratifying to hear that a new customer used Waitless to increase the quality of experience at their favorite restaurant.” Jeffery says, reiterating the simple focus on solving a very real problem so many can relate to.

Author: Jeff Pesek of Tech.Mn
Date: December 23, 2013

The "Aha!" Moment.

I recently visited a popular restaurant in the Twin Cities, the ambiance was great, the food was excellent, and the staff was very nice. However, my overall dining experience was ruined when it came to paying for my meal. It took what seemed like an eternity for me to close out my tab.

I could see it was a busy day, so I grudgingly waited, eventually the wait staff made her way towards me, I got her attention and requested for the check, a while later she showed up with the check, I looked down to get my wallet, and she was gone, she came back not too long later to collect my credit card, then the waiting game began again. I eventually got my credit card back with the payment slip, signed it and swore never to return to the restaurant again.

This experience got me thinking, there has got to be another way. I related my experience to a group of friends and they had also had the same experience at other restaurants as well, and were also looking for a solution.

Anyway, we thought to ourselves, how about we create a solution that allows us to park an order on our mobile devices, show up at the restaurant, enjoy the dining experience without the hassle of waiting to pay, because we have the option to make a payment on our mobile device.

A little while later, Waitless – A food ordering and payment app was born.

Waitless allows you to browse your favorite restaurant’s menu from your home or office, create and park an order for the date and time you want to show up at the restaurant, and make a payment by clicking on a payment button to settle your check instantly and securely while you are at the restaurant, all on your mobile device.

Simply put, Waitless saves time by making the dining process more efficient without taking away from the actual dining experience.

Waitless also allows you to view participating restaurant promotions, your pending reservations, order history, set a dinning budget and much more.

Waitless is now available for use at Sawatdee Thai Restaurant, Eden Prairie, MN. Coming soon to a restaurant or bar near you.

Get it today on Google Play.

Date: September 14, 2013